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 (For constituency office, Association officers & branch contact information see lower on page)

The constituency of New Forest West is bordered in the east by the Lymington river and in the west by the River Avon which runs into Christchurch (see our Map page).  It stretches from the coast up through the New Forest and the Avon Valley to the county boundary with Wiltshire, just north of Breamore.

 The main population centres are New Milton and Barton-on-Sea, Lymington, Ringwood and Fordingbridge.  In addition, it contains a number of tranquil and picturesque villages within and just outside the New Forest National Park.  The beautiful coastal scenery and the history and nature of the New Forest make the constituency a popular location for tourists.

 The Association is the local arm of the national Conservative Party and its objective is to sustain and promote the objects and values of the Party within the New Forest West parliamentary constituency:  to provide an effective campaigning organisation in the constituency;  to secure the return of Conservative candidates at elections;  to raise local membership of the Party;  to contribute funds to the Party;  and to raise the necessary funds to achieve all of these objectives.

 The Association comprises only fully paid up Party members.  These members are grouped into branches, located in towns and villages across the constituency.

 The governing body of the Association is the Executive Council (which comprises the Officers' Team and up to three representatives from each branch). The day-to-day management of the Association is vested in the Officers' Team and our Constituency Organiser. 


 'Who's Who' amongst the officers and staff at the New Forest West Conservative Association? 



Cllr Emma Lane  (01425 473122 - 07515 753521)



Cllr Michael Thierry  (01425 479095 - 07702 479095)


DEPUTY CHAIRMAN, Membership & Finance 

Mr Edward Fitzgerald  (01590 677546 - 07768 533100)



Mrs Christine Hopkins (01590 643702)

Cllr Alan O'Sullivan (01425 620964)



Mr Philip Daubeney (Trustee)  (01425 402132)



Cllr Beverley Thorne at the NFWCA constituency office  01425 629844  (Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm - Afternoons by appointment)


Honorary Vice-Presidents (Non-Management)

Mr Oswin Hall (Trustee)  

Mr Bill Litten (Trustee) 

Mrs Barbara Hill 

Mrs Patricia Banks

Mrs Brenda Marshall


Where are our branches?

Barton & Becton - Chairman: Cllr Keith Craze (01425 638074) 

Burley & Bransgore - Chairman: Mr Philip Daubeney  (01425 402132)

Fordingbridge (including Breamore, Hyde, Woodgreen & Western Downlands) - Co-ordinated by the Constituency Office 

Hordle - Chairman: Cllr Mrs Fran Carpenter  (01425 614665)

Lymington & Pennington - Chairman: Mr Edward Fitzgerald (01590 677546)

Milford-on-Sea - Chairman: Mrs Christine Hopkins (01590 643702)

New Milton - Chairman: Cllr Alan Rice  (07734 1578662)  

Ringwood - Chairman: Mr Peter Nicholson  (01425 476550)