New Forest West support the 'Better Together' campaign

New Forest West fully support the 'Better Together' campaign to persuade Scotland that they are better off as part of the United Kingdom, as we head towards the Scottish Independence Referendum in September. 

NFWCA hold Remembrance Dinner

NFWCA, in conjunction with Barton & Becton Branch, held a dinnner on Friday 8th November as part of their Remembrance events in November. Speaker was Mark Francois, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, who gave us a very informative speech on current issues within the Ministry of Defence.

Eastleigh by-election

Desmond Swayne blogs about the lessons to be learnt from the recent Eastleigh by-election.

Westminster - Here we come!

Cllr Goff Beck (Barton & Becton Branch) recounts a recent and exciting trip to Parliament - and invites you to join him later this year on a repeat journey.

Borrowing is spent - read Desmond Swayne's September blog

All political parties agreed that it was vital to reduce our annual government deficit of spending over revenue, and that we could no longer go on spending more than the government raised in taxes, just adding the difference to our burgeoning national debt for our children and grandchildren to pay off. Of course, some people blame it all on the bankers – and they, and government failure to properly regulate them, have much to answer for, but the reality is that Britain has been borrowing beyond its means for years: even at the height of the boom when tax revenues were rolling in, the government continued to borrow as if there were no tomorrow.